Niagara Recycling Donates New Accessible Digital Learning Lab to the Niagara Falls Art Gallery

The Niagara Falls Art Gallery’s students will have a new way to get creative and express themselves using innovative technology.

This week, Niagara Recycling donated more than $37,000 to create to the gallery’s newly-named Niagara Recycling Digital Learning Lab, which will update the space, add new accessible technology and make way for other exciting additions.

“We are thrilled to give the gallery this important boost, which will foster creativity in the community and allow students to create works of art using today’s technology,” said Norm Kraft, CEO of Niagara Recycling.

As part of the Learning Lab’s upgrades, the donation will fund new equipment, including a 3D printer, and other new technologies which will create an innovative curriculum for students in the Region.

Debra Attenborough, Executive Director of the Niagara Falls Art Gallery and Niagara Children’s Museum, said the funding will play an important role in providing innovative arts education to students of all ages and abilities throughout the Region.

“We are so excited to incorporate some new technologies into the Gallery’s ongoing curriculum development and programming through our digital media workshops. We are thrilled to have the support of Niagara Recycling as we continue to develop our progressive integration of technology and the arts,” said Attenborough.

She added that the new lab will be open by September and will enable students of all levels and abilities to experience digital art, animation and other media related hands on activities focused on student and youth becoming creative through technology.

Bert Murphy, Chair of Niagara Recycling, said the donation will help the museum educate its visitors on the role of technology in the arts, including those with special needs.

“Our donation will help the Niagara Falls Art Gallery create an accessible space, where students of varying abilities can learn and make their own creations,” he said.

Niagara Recycling is a non-profit social enterprise that sends its proceeds back to the community. Using funds generated from managing the recycling processing operations, it provides financial support to non-profit agencies that are involved in providing opportunities and support for developmentally challenged kids and adults.

The Niagara Falls Art Gallery aims to inspire children and adults of all ages throughout the community of Niagara Falls and the Regional Municipality of Niagara. The Gallery’s mission is to serve the community as a non-profit art gallery that collects, conserves, promotes and displays professional works of art as well as a place of educational learning which provides educational activities to students and residents through exhibitions, workshops, lectures and seminars.