Welcome to Niagara Recycling, we are a locally owned and operated non-profit social enterprise company. Our primary objectives are to provide cost effective and efficient recycling services to the Niagara Region, and to provide employment opportunities for developmentally challenged adults.

Founded in 1974, Niagara Recycling now serves approximately 140,000 households, 250 industrial and commercial customers, and 125 schools covering 12 municipalities, processing approximately 77,000 tonnes of newspaper, magazines, catalogues, office paper, cardboard, boxboard, cartons and drink boxes, steel and aluminum cans and foil, glass bottles and jars, plastic bottles, containers, trays and lids, and plastic film.

Today the name Niagara Recycling has become synonymous with the recycling program in the Niagara Region, operating one of the most comprehensive recycling programs in Ontario.